Maintenance and Service

We are highly trained technicians who service, optimize and repair all types of heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Our technicians don’t stop at the “minimum fix” or the “minimum maintenance requirement”. We are always working hard to consider all aspects of system operation and the building system as a whole to ensure it is optimized.

That’s the PMC difference. Our technicians hold the trade certifications for their work, and have extensive training on building performance and energy consumption. We will maintain your equipment to OEM specification and incorporate energy efficiencies into our planned maintenance inspection checklist.

We offer fixed price agreements as well as energy performance based maintenance agreements. That means the energy savings achieved as a result of the work we do will pay for the agreement, so there is no cost to the customer and the savings are guaranteed.

CAPITAL Projects

We design with efficiency as a primary goal. We have extensive experience with Building Automation Systems (BAS), VAV systems, heat pump loops, boiler systems, cooling towers, refrigeration systems, LED lighting systems, daylight harvesting lighting controls, and much more.

Our projects are turn-key and hands-off. We provide a single point of contact and strive to make your experience rewarding. Our goal is building relationships, then maintaining and optimizing the performance of your building.

Lighting Retrofits and Control

As a result of PMC’s continual effort to maximize energy efficiency and to improve occupant comfort, lighting retrofits have become a key fixture in PMC’s energy management toolkit.

We see lighting systems as part of the complete building system.  Advanced building automation systems are proven to have a big effect on energy usage, but when these systems work in concert with the lighting, savings can be magnified.

We are a fully licensed electrical contractor. We have the expertise to take any lighting project from consultation to project completion.  As your partner, you will receive the greatest value available in the lighting retrofit industry, especially when lighting is incorporated into a building-wide energy performance retrofit.

Condition Assessments and Capital Budgets

PMC prepares detailed condition assessment reports and capital budget plans that fit your organization. The on-site data and observations are collected by both qualified technicians and licensed engineers to maximize the effectiveness of the report.  Why wait for a major break-down and unplanned emergency replacement?  We can help identify and prepare five year budgets that will let you plan for the replacement of your infrastructure with cost-effective options that have been fully explored and vetted.

Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Our experienced installers and programmers take the time to get to know your building and equipment so that it performs at its highest efficiency.  The capabilities of our BAS systems are almost endless; from HVAC equipment, lighting, window blinds, door access, CCTV, alarms, and more.

We guarantee substantial energy savings in all types of buildings.  We love being able to improve occupant comfort, increase building value, and improve life cycle of equipment.  Our customized BAS systems have the ability to monitor building system performance providing maintenance staff with expanded visibility in order to help detect possible equipment failures or troubleshoot problem areas.

All of our BAS programmers have been trained and certified by Distech Controls.  Distech is a Canadian company and an innovative leader in energy management solutions for greener buildings around the world.

Our Distech Controls are available with BACnet, LONWORKS, Modbus, and more. Combined with PMC’s programming experience in various types of control systems, integration of multiple systems is seamless. Many of our projects include integration with Alerton, Delta, Automated Logic, and other common manufacturers found in the Maritimes.